Copper Key - 5 Pack

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The Easy To Carry Hand Hygiene Tool

You know what's sucky about gloves and hand sanitizer? Dry hands and the constant need to buy more. Do they protect your hands from germs?… Sure. Are they convenient and reusable?… No! Do you know what is convenient? Using the Copper Key to open the door to your building, push the elevator button to your floor, and then punch in your security access code. All while it disinfects itself!… Now that's what we call simple!

  • Open Doors and enter public spaces safely
  • Use Keypads & Touchscreens to keep your fingers free of germs
  • Reduces Exposure to dirty public surfaces
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for daily use
  • Copper antimicrobial material reduces contamination by 99%

Surface Finishing: Antimicrobial Copper Alloy